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Modernizing traditional luxury products with new technologies

How do you successfully innovate in an industry that has been around…
Avatar Alyssa Ross

How do you successfully innovate in an industry that has been around for thousands of years? This is a question that the leadership of Bernadaud constantly considers. The French porcelain manufacturer’s luxury product line ranges from tableware to home décor to jewelry. Its customers expect fresh design but with the quality and tradition with which the company has been come to be associated over its 150-year history.

Today’s consumer goods organizations are no longer just thinking about what they can make but they also need to strongly consider the experience from the user’s point of view. For Bernardaud, this means constantly innovating to maintain customer interest. Their approach is to merge their historical knowledge with new technologies such as 3D modeling and 3D printing to make complex shapes that were previously impossible. It also allows them to prototype pieces much faster, and show them to clients prior to production to ensure expectations are met.

Each generation at Bernadaud has introduced different expertise to help the company evolve. Watch the video to hear from Charles Bernardaud, Director of Development whose engineering background helps him see porcelain from a more technical standpoint. He is helping his family’s company push the limits of manufacturing techniques to create original pieces that are true to their heritage but are what today’s consumers want in terms of style as well as supporting a company that puts sustainability practices at its core.

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