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Leroy Merlin Renovates the Home Improvement Customer Experience

Leroy Merlin, one of Europe’s leading home improvement and gardening retailers, is…
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Leroy Merlin, one of Europe’s leading home improvement and gardening retailers, is deploying 3DVIA Home in Spain and Portugal to transform kitchen and closet home improvement projects with an immersive 3D experience that enhances customer decision-making.

In the current  marketplace do-it-yourself projects and personalized consumer experiences are defining the change of the shopping of consumer goods. Leroy Merlin’s customers can design, tailor, personalize and visualize their future kitchen or closet in real time in a realistic 3D environment.

Powered by Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform, 3DVIA Home is a cloud-based 3D space planning application for home interior design that enables home furniture, kitchen and bath retailers, manufacturers, and their customers to connect and collaborate using the same online and in-store 3D experience. The easy to use application requires no special training, and its automated proposal capabilities provide a simple way to quickly design and virtually visualize a space while minimizing the risk of errors in the design process.     

Each Leroy Merlin store carries up to 60,000 products. This large product catalog requires an agile solution to accommodate the needs of the kitchen and closet markets.

Thanks to 3DVIA Home, Leroy Merlin’s customers can draw plans for different kitchen and closet layouts and configurations, view materials and colors, easily add or modify elements, and generate virtual mock-ups that comply with industry standards, brand strategy, and space constraints.

Customers can make confident decisions faster, while Leroy Merlin improves the user experience in the design of this type of projects. In just six months, customers have already used it to create nearly 120,000 projects, and our sales have increased.

“Retailers face challenges to stay ahead of competition and appeal to the modern, connected consumer who makes highly informed purchase decisions and can buy from nearly any channel,” said Vincent Picou, CEO, 3DVIA, Dassault Systèmes.

“The 3DVIA Home application helps DIY and home improvement retailers reinvent themselves and increase sales through new opportunities to visualize, personalize, validate and collaborate on multichannel 3DEXPERIENCE universes.”

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