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Game on with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

Think back to when you were a child standing before the shelves…
Avatar Romy Goehner

Think back to when you were a child standing before the shelves in a toy store, excited about all you were seeing. Remember trying to convince your parents that you absolutely need the teddy bear you just spotted? Sound familiar? If you think about this scenario today, as an adult, it may feel like the volume and variation of toys on the shelves (real and virtual) seem endless. And this makes it hard to decide what to pick – for children and for parents.

The global toy market is not only creative and fun, it’s also highly competitive and fast moving. Toys have to be imagined, tested, built and put on the market in a very short period of time while also following strict controls for quality and safety.

How do toy companies stand out in the market while also moving at a speed to match consumer’s interests?

Spain’s IMC Toys adopted the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for just this reason. The platform allows them to be more agile and collaborative in the design process and ultimately produce safe, high-quality products for children while keeping a major focus on creativity and functionality.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform helps IMC Toys to address two major, but interconnected needs. First, to improve the control of the different phases of a project. Second, to have in place a system to collaborate and share information in a more effective way with stakeholders, adding both speed and confidence in each project.

Read the case study to find out more about how IMC Toys is benefiting from the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

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