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Maximize the value of your mechatronics engineering

Smart experiences in the real world More and more aspects of our…
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Smart experiences in the real world

More and more aspects of our personal and work lives are improving. They are becoming richer, safer, more convenient and inspiring though the use of smart and connected systems. Mechatronics and software driven innovation is at the core of this evolution and it has become pervasive across many industries like Aerospace, Automotive, Life Sciences, and of course Consumer Electronics.

However, it comes with increasing product and process complexity, along with dynamic customer demand and global competition. Those are exposing engineering teams to high risk and cost pressures. Here are five ways to address key challenges that mechatronics teams face in creating new smart, connected experiences.

Start from the System

, implemented by engineering disciplines and finally validated.

With a unique digital reference, mechatronics and software engineers can always “connect” to full picture. This helps them understand the impact of how their contribution affects the global system at any time. See the example of Bosch Car Multimedia.

Support the Design Intent

by sharing the same product model, they can boost the process to converge on viable design and engineering solutions. See the example of an innovative smart watch. Mechatronic engineers can also benefit from a better understanding of how the product is uses in a real environment.


Validate many options


Accelerate Collaboration

integrate their mechatronics tools and teams.


Help teams stay focused


It’s much easier to have engineering work natively integrate with project management on the same data set. Then engineers are freed up from information sharing, and project managers from translation and interpretation. Read this eBook from Tech Clarity for more best practices.

Find out more about how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform addresses today’s challenges of mechatronics engineering.

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