Consumer Packaged Goods & RetailOctober 10, 2018

Packaging Simulation Technology Helps Reduce Shipping Damage for Consumer Packaged Goods Companies

With the rise of e-commerce making way for direct to consumer shipping…
Avatar Timothy Svenson

With the rise of e-commerce making way for direct to consumer shipping (DTC), traditional consumer packaged goods companies (CPG) are seeing an increase in damaged deliveries,impacting revenues and possibly a brand’s reputation.  An article by Lindsay James in Dassault Systemes’ Compass Magazine, notes that a substantial increase in touch points during a package’s transit, as well as ineffective packaging, are the direct causes. Hansong Huang of Amcor Rigid Plastics, agrees that the answer is to use computerized simulation technology to test package design and build simulations specific for e-commerce.  “By building simulation specifically for e-commerce, we can rapidly gain understanding of the physics and actual requirements for the containers to pass,” Huang said. “We already use simulation to design for robustness and testing extreme conditions that are difficult to replicate reliably in physical testing. I expect it to play an even more important role for e-commerce situations in the years ahead.”

Read the full article, “Damage Free Deliveries”, and discover more about the technologies that are guaranteeing that orders arrive more safely!

Editor’s Note:

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