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Pack Expo Preview – How Virtual Gets Packaging to Market Faster

For many consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, package design efforts are often…
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For many consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, package design efforts are often scattered across multiple groups and suppliers using different systems – leading to rework, delays, higher costs, quality issues and recalls. Join Dassault Systèmes at Pack Expo 2018, (Booth#E9624) taking place in Chicago’s McCormick Center from October 14-17th, and see how virtual packaging can significantly shorten package design cycles, cut packaging materials costs and reduce the chance for recalls.  In addition, realistic simulation of packaging from concept to store shelf can be the catalyst for innovation and company growth.

We had the chance to catch up with Ray Wodar, Consumer Packaged Goods industry lead for Dassault Systèmes ahead of Pack Expo, to get his take on key business drivers in today’s CPG industry. According to Wodar, three themes emerge:

  • Consumer purchase patterns. Consumers are demanding access to products and services wherever they are, day/night, at work, at home and at the mall. Each channel, whether online,offline or brick and mortar – has unique merchandising requirements that impact products and packaging.
  • Consumer desire for personalization or localization. Brands need to move faster from market to market with new product introductions that are tailored for specific regions or individual personas. This impacts many aspects of the product ranging from packaging, artwork, flavors, and other claims so that even generic products or services are perceived as having more value in the eye of the consumer. The market of one is the toughest to master and be profitable!
  • Consumers demand sustainability and lower environmental impact on the planet.  This is not a fading consumer trend but now part of companies’ sustainability strategies for the future. Every material that goes into a product is heavily scrutinized for health and wellness impacts, but also to the longevity and sustainability of that material. Consumers want to support companies and brands that have a purpose, they are not passive actors but active participants in building a better future by voting with their wallets.

Watch the short video below for a preview of our booth demo featuring virtual packaging testing:

And if you have a few more minutes to spare – watch this video to experience 3D packaging from design, to manufacturing, to shelf – in a virtual environment – without any physical prototypes!

Enjoy a complimentary expo pass using CODE: 66T15 and visit our booth to experience how virtual simulation works from idea to consumer – to optimize packaging in record time and create new value. Register today for your free expo pass.

To schedule an appointment at Dassault Systèmes booth, contact with your requested day and time.


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