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The Value for Smart Construction in India

At a construction technology conference of March 2019, Prime Minister Modi announced…
Avatar Prashant MYSORE

At a construction technology conference of March 2019, Prime Minister Modi announced the country will need to increase the use of modern technologies to meet the demand for infrastructure projects. India will need to invest between US$1.2 and US$2 trillion on infrastructure development over the next several decades, to accommodate India’s growing urban population, which is estimated to reach 590 million by 2030.While the current pandemic situation seems challenging, there is no denying the fact that the construction sector will play a catalytic role in the recovery of the Indian economy in the “New Normal”. As the sector tackle to continue operation, the utmost priority is to secure the health and safety of people. Firms have to start using digital technologies to network, virtual meetings, co-work, and collaborate. All these factors have necessitated the industry to accelerate digital technology adoption for innovation and has tremendous opportunities for smart initiatives to be implemented, as future forecasts of the industry indicate plenty of growth:

  • By 2025, Construction market in India is expected to emerge as the third largest globally
  • By 2025, Construction output is expected to grow on average by 7.1% each year
  • USD 650 billion investments in urban infrastructure estimated over next 20 years.
  • 100% FDI permitted through the automatic route for townships, cities.
  • 10% of India’s GDP is based on construction activity.

The Smart Construction Solution

The Smart Construction solution offered through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides innovation and collaboration for the built environment. The solution leverages smart technologies across the construction lifecycle and offers capabilities in design modeling, project collaboration, simulation, robotics, AR/VR, IOT and data intelligence. Construction companies can make informed and faster decisions to increase productivity and control costs, as the solution centralises smart technologies to drive business excellence and continuous improvement. The Smart construction solution adopts the Industry 4.0 framework, which addresses many challenges faced in the industry by providing:

  • One single source of the truth with a common referential
  • Real time synchronization between Projects & Referential
  • 360° Review & Analysis of Referential & Projects
  • Engagement of Stakeholders with Virtual Twin Experiences

Within the Indian construction industry, the key areas the smart construction solution provide value are: 5D BIM, Virtual Twin Experience, Learn Work Management and IIoT and execution monitoring. Among these selected, the Virtual Twin Experience and 5D BIM stands out as key offering to be leveraged within the India’s construction industry and smart city initiatives. Along the entire life cycle from design to construction, operation and maintenance towards remodeling or demolition, the virtual twin enables modifications of the real building and dynamically readjusts itself based on recorded performance differences. Sustainability trends such as prefabrication construction, sustainable construction, and green building technology are likely to revolutionize the conventional way business is done.

The move to a more modern and digital collaborative platform will play a positive role and can be instrumental in ensuring business continuity , employee safety and security, flexibility ,operational resiliency and lowering short-term costs for India infrastructure sector.

For more such insights on the technologies that will drive the growth of construction sector in India, do join us for an exclusive virtual event – ‘The World After: Sustainable and Resilient Urban Future’ on 4th August, 2020.


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