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The Five Most Amazing Game of Thrones Technology Experiences

What do Game of Thrones and business platform technologies such as 3DEXPERIENCE…
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What do Game of Thrones and business platform technologies such as 3DEXPERIENCE have in common? One would think not much. Game of Thrones explores a magical world largely devoid of technology, while platforms are at the forefront of innovation in the world of product development – although some may claim that platforms deliver a type of magic on their own!

Despite the obvious differences, GoT and business platform technologies share one very important similarity – they both deliever engaging and emotional experiences to consumers. Game of Thrones has managed to revolutionize the entertainment experience, including SuperBowl LIII, where Bud Light jumped on the GoT train with its Bud Knight series of commercials.

As we reach the final season of one the world’s most enjoyed entertainment experiences we reveal to you the five most amazing GoT technology experiences.

Sons of the Harpy brought to you by SOLIDWORKS

Dassault Systèmes’ brand SOLIDWORKS has played a key role in the props creation of Game of Thrones. North Design Works used SOLIDWORKS to help simulate and model the finishing details of the infamous “Sons of the Harpy” mask, seen in season 5. Read the SOLIDWORKS blog here.

Three-eyed Drones?

While they aren’t quite all seeing three-eyed Ravens, drones have played an important role in the filming of the most epic battle scenes. Thanks to advances in high tech drones, audience’s have received stunning views of scenes such as the Battle of Meirin, or the view of Stannis Baratheon’s fleet. Even some of the amazing aerial scenes with the dragons are brought to viewers via drones, find out more here.

Westeros – 3D printed

Fans have taken the liberty to use the amazing advances in 3D printing technology to create their own replicas of some of Game of Thrones most famous props. Have you always dreamed of having your own dragon eggs or the king’s hand pendant? If you have access to 3D printing then you very well could. Check out some of the most amazing designs at

Maybe if you are like Daniel Ammann, who taught himself SOLIDWORKS by designing and 3D printing his very own Winterfell model, you will have your own creations featured as well, read more about Daniel here.

The Magic Behind the Opening Credits

Some fans think that the opening credits are created by filming wooden models. In reality they are 3D computer designed models, making technology imperative for the amazing opening credits and animated map we see of Westeros. Forbes explores all the incredible ways the production team brings this map to life for viewers here.

Bleed for the Crown

HBO hosted a “Bleed for the Crown” campaign at this year’s SXSW to encourage blood donations. The complex adventure, ending in a blood donation ceremony, retells many of Westeros’ finest -or perhaps bloodiest moments- through an AR storytelling experience. Check out the full article by Business Insider.

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