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The Next Project Is Always The Best Project

CO Architects focuses on programmatic and engineering requirements to drive artful design…
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CO Architects focuses on programmatic and engineering requirements to drive artful design solutions, and leverages technology to create innovative, impactful and lasting architecture. While technological innovations expand what is conceptually possible, fundamental obstacles within the design and construction industry threaten to constrain the vision. Fortunately, digital continuity on a central platform helps to overcome fragmentation and enables a seamless process from concept to production-level design. Several recent CO Architects projects demonstrate the exciting potential of generative design powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Delivery models have evolved & digital tools are the norm. Discover new design trends like @COArchitectsLA | @3DSAEC


CO Architects is a nationally-recognized specialist in architectural planning, programming, and design for the science and technology, higher education, and healthcare sectors. Established in Los Angeles in 1986, the practice has grown to 110 multidisciplinary design professionals serving clients throughout the United States. The firm has earned a reputation for conceptual innovation and high-quality planning, design, and delivery.

CO’s guiding principle is that technical systems, planning, documentation, and project management are critical to design. Following that core belief, the firm seeks to create inspiring places that are catalysts for collaboration and progress—places that drive innovation in research, teaching, and healing. Creating these spaces has demanded that CO Architects drive innovation within its own field by adopting the latest technological solutions.

The firm’s projects are typically large, complex institutional facilities created for multi-layered clients to meet the specific needs of a range of individuals today and well into the future. These mission-driven clients expect buildings to be operated 24 hours per day, every day of the year, often for a 50- to 100-year lifespan — while easily adapting to the latest technology and systems. This demands an approach to architecture that emphasizes flexibility over trendiness, and solutions that can adapt to future changes in function and technology.


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