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How BIM and 3D design shape modern architecture

Innovative architects from around the world use BIM and 3D design technologies to create striking structures.
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Italian engineering studio VLP+P uses the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to perform geometric analysis of surfaces in double curvature.

Look to any city skyline and our eyes can’t help but be drawn to the spectacular buildings that almost appear to defy logic – and gravity. Complex geometries, flowing façades and structures reaching unimaginable heights – today’s striking architecture is defined by ever extraordinary engineering feats and technological brilliance.

Giovanni Patron, co-founder and partner of Italian engineering studio VLP+P, summarizes the modern architecture trend perfectly: “The next generation of designs are moving towards a search for new geometries, to create something that is even more challenging and beautiful,” he said.

It’s true. New technologies, from building information modelling (BIM) to parametric design, now enable architects to close the gap between their imaginations and reality at a speed and scale never seen before.

As the movement continues for spectacular, sustainable architecture characterized by complex geometries and innovative materials, here is a glimpse into how customers like VLP+P, MG McGrath and Dasan Consultants use the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to bring such amazing structures to life.

The specialist in complex architectural shapes

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VLP+P is a self-proclaimed expert in “very complex structures.”

“Our business is one of the most skilled in the industry as we work with 3D models of façades,” Patron said.

One of the company’s main focuses is to reduce the time-consuming processes around project development, and it uses the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud platform to optimize the development of complex projects and buildings.

For VLP+P, a CATIA design engineering software user since it was founded, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is the ideal environment for handling large projects and centralizing masses of data. It enables the company to find the optimal solution for each new design challenge and adopt the latest design methodologies and industry best practices to push the boundaries of innovation.

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Innovative architectural surfaces

Minnesota-based architectural surfaces manufacturer MG McGrath is responsible for designing, fabricating and installing innovative architectural glass, metal and composite surfaces in buildings such as the United States Olympic Museum in Colorado Springs.

In recent years, MG McGrath has seen growth in demand for audacious designs, built in unprecedented time.

“Our clients challenge us to do things that are unique and that have never been done before,” said company president Mike McGrath. “At the same time, however, they want the finished product faster and at the lowest possible cost.”

The company uses the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud platform to streamline the entire development process, from concept to fabrication. With the platform’s industry-specific capabilities, MG McGrath is able to design highly complex and unique façades with absolute precision, coordinate projects seamlessly and bring them to life in the most efficient way.

“I think the biggest business impact of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform has been to allow us to do things that we probably would have never been able to accomplish before,” McGrath said.

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Embracing BIM on a global scale

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In South Korea, civil engineering company Dasan Consultants is embracing smart construction technologies as part of its vision to grow its global business and create innovative designs that deliver in terms of quality, reliability and sustainability.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud platform serves as the foundation for Dasan Consultants’ new BIM design method, delivering a centralized environment for managing all its data, bringing together all project stakeholders and empowering everyone to approach new engineering projects with agility.

Using BIM, engineers now design within budget and the company can better handle the vast streams of information each civil engineering project generates.

“Real-time visibility has significantly improved, and our working environment and speed is better than before,” said Kim, Bong-Seok, director at Dasan Consultants.

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