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Three keys to sustainability in A&D

Across the Aerospace & Defense industry, environmental priorities are closely linked to…
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Across the Aerospace & Defense industry, environmental priorities are closely linked to key business goals such as efficiency, profitability and regulatory compliance. That provides a powerful impetus for continuous innovation as companies look for new ways to reduce waste, energy consumption and emissions, increase efficiency and lower operating and maintenance costs. As example, to achieve zero emission flights by 2035, Airbus recently presented three hydrogen-powered concepts, (turbofan, turboprop and “blended–wing body” designs).

Three simple words can help target sustainability efforts to achieve all those goals: People, Planet, Profit.


Successful innovation is built on the sharing, challenging and testing of ideas. But the ideal team of talent needed for a project might be dispersed across the world or managing multiple commitments that prevent them from travelling. Integrating all the data on a single 3D simulation platform provides a virtual space where those people can work together in real time, wherever they are. As well as cutting the emissions, time and cost associated with travel, this helps the organization to support its most valuable resource, people. The result: accelerated innovation for a sustainable future.

By using the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, Joby Aviation is collaborating seamlessly with its engineers across the world to develop an electric autonomous vertical takeoff and landing vehicle that will make commuting fast and enjoyable.

Image ©Joby Aviation


Imagine being able to build, test and refine a prototype without having to worry about how the resources, energy and materials are costing both the planet and the business. That’s what a virtual 3D environment empowers companies to do. That might entail designing and testing a completely new aircraft such as the solar-powered, long-distance airplane created by Solar Impulse. It could mean redesigning airport buildings, maintaining facilities or assessing how materials can be reused and recycled. In every case, a virtual prototype empowers the team to refine and test its innovations and minimize waste, before committing valuable resources and materials.


In today’s digitally connected world, truly sustainable Aerospace & Defense businesses are the ones that use flexible, intelligent and fast innovation to spot new opportunities, create new business models and build partnerships that empower them to create value across the entire product lifecycle. After all, who is better placed to maintain, repair and overhaul an aircraft or airport facility than the companies that designed and built it? A growing market for these aftermarket services – which IATA estimates will exceed $100 million by 2025 – illustrates their potential to drive profitability alongside sustainability.

Aggregated data, simulation and collaboration form the roots of these new models for profitability, enabling businesses to connect the dots between different processes, departments and partners. A single platform for business gives maintenance organizations all the tools they need to optimize planning, resources and execution so they can keep things running smoothly for their customers with minimal downtime.

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