July 7, 2022

Workflow Trainings On-demand

New SIMULIA Training Products for specific industrial applications.
Avatar Katie Corey
New Training Products for Specific Industrial Applications

We have introduced new training products that complement the existing extensive software training offered by linking software functionality and real-world processes.

The new products bundle together a carefully selected series of learning modules that illustrate the workflows needed to perform simulations for specific industrial applications.

The learning modules describe the processes in-depth and provide material for users to get hands-on practice on realistic models.

The new learning products cover four industries:

  • Transportation & Mobility Workflows
  • Aerospace & Defense Workflows
  • High-Tech Workflows
  • Energy & Materials Workflows

All workflow learning modules are designed for self-paced learners and contain:

  • Fully narrated lectures
  • Step-by-step instructions for a typical application workflow
  • Realistic model files and explanatory videos
Are These Modules Right for You?

These new training products have been designed for simulation users who want to:

  • get insights on the possibilities of simulation within their scope, or
  • define and manage a typical simulation workflow, or
  • gain deep-dive experience for a complex simulation process.
Course Benefits
  • Access learning content anytime, anywhere
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Discover new application areas and complementary software
  • Focus your learning on specific, new topics rather than having to complete an entire course
  • Combine function/software-based training with process/workflow information
  • Access learning content for current and earlier software releases
For More Information

Contact the Education Sales Leader​​​​​​​ in your geographical area or your Dassault Systèmes Sales Representative.

You can read more about this in the SIMULIA Community post Workflow Trainings on Demand.

*Please note that there is an associated fee for trainings. 

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