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Science in the Age of Experience: Science in Engineering

Engineering for Product Innovation Engineers know that innovation isn’t easy—transforming designs into…
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Engineering for Product Innovation

Engineers know that innovation isn’t easy—transforming designs into breakthroughs revolutionizing life. It’s more a process of elimination; but the product challenges today are more daunting than ever:

  • hardware and software combined in ever more sophisticated systems
  • shorter design cycles and no margin for error in a highly competitive market
  • increased customization with smaller lot sizes and shorter product lifetimes
  • little opportunity for a product to “catch on” if it’s not perfect out of the box

When engineers work on a project, they’re out to learn something, Will it last?  Will it leak?  How hot will it get?  How much drag will it generate? So they simulate it to find out, to learn and confirm their thinking.

Discovery with Simulation

Simulation is all about discovery: the know-how to make products lighter, perform better, last longer and lead to better designs. Engineers are making virtual discoveries every day through simulation: to identify solutions; to extend and improve the real world; to even validate products that cannot be tested in our world (like how spacecraft react in zero gravity or how down-hole equipment for the Oil & Gas industry perform at temperatures and pressures thousands of feet below ground).

Across industries, virtual discovery through simulation is saving companies time, money and energy; and making it possible to design and validate custom-made materials, fully test functional performance and virtually create the experience of the product when you use it.

David Holman, who leads the R&D team at Dassault Systèmes’ SIMULIA brand, gave us some further insights. SIMULIA products and solutions simulate the performance and behavior of structures, fluids, electromagnetics and multibody 3D systems, along with technology that analyzes and optimizes entire design spaces of products that include these physics.

Learn More at Science in the Age of Experience

Want to learn more? We’ll be discussing this and more at Dassault Systèmes’ upcoming Science in the Age of Experience event, October 14 -15 in Boston, Massachusetts. Check the event website, and stay tuned on social media for complete coverage.

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