July 12, 2022

Let’s Learn Together: Simulation Model Build Engineer Role

The Simulation Model Build Engineer Role provides the detailed essential mesh and assembly modeling, to reduce non-value-added tasks, and build solver-ready finite element models timely and efficiently.
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This post is a continuation in a series about simulation on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and some of the roles you can find there. This week we are focusing on the Simulation Model Build Engineer role and how it provides the detailed essential mesh and assembly modeling, to reduce non-value-added tasks, and build solver-ready finite element models timely and efficiently.  

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Simulation Model Build Engineer role (SBE) is focused on the creation, build, and preparation of large and detailed finite element models, for structural simulation across a wide range of industry applications. The role employs automated meshing and assembly techniques and collaborative inputs from design, modeling, and simulation teams.

To build next-generation automobiles, aircraft, ships, engines, and e-batteries, model-based engineering requires a modern sophisticated platform to manage the complexities of automated meshing, multiple model configurations, and the connections and physics of these structural assemblies. Many structural simulations depend on smart, efficient, well-organized modeling of these assemblies. often requiring multiple finite element representation (FEMrep) variations in the assembly components – eg: detailed vs coarse mesh, supplier solver mesh vs native design-generated mesh, lumped mass of an engine block, distributed fuel mass, etc. – and the ease of interchangeability of these FEMreps, and re-usability of design data. Many manufacturers streamline their digital modeling process with specialized teams dedicated to pre-simulation preparation of detailed and/or large complex assemblies.

The Simulation Model Build Engineer supplies the same modeling applications as the flagship role Structural Analysis Engineer, and its extension Composite Structures Analysis Engineer – except packaged without the scenario procedures and simulation set-ups, and provided at a lower cost. Simulation Model Build Engineer is particularly suited to organizations where significant meshing and auto-meshing is required, in parallel with analysis activity in the product development process.

Simulation Model Build Engineer includes:

  • Composites and Nastran Converter extensions
  • Availability on the 3DEXPERIENCE cloud, for modeling operations

Simulation Model Engineer can also be combined with the Structural Engineer role (SLL) for basic static loads and modal frequency checks for model validation prior to delivery for full analysis applications, offering further flexibility to streamline and reduce costs of product development. The Simulation Model Build Engineer role provides an efficient, dedicated, cost-effective structural modeling and assembly function in the product engineering process, enabling you to quickly test and deliver transformative innovations to the market.

  • Provide structures modeling and assembly for T&M, A&D, and other strategic Industry process experiences;
  • Build finite element models efficiently using meshing rules, managing subassembly connections, and generating weld connections re-using engineering design data;
  • Manage subassemblies and utilize automated assembly connections modeling;
  • Abstraction of design-associative shapes for simulation, and ease of mesh re-generation;
  • Collaborative model management for building and sharing models particularly suited for large assemblies.
  • Rules-based meshing for multi-attribute applications and defined best practices;
  • Fully automated mid-surface extraction, mesh generation, and mesh re-generation;
  • Import and export of Abaqus and Nastran models featuring options for modifiability, native mesh replacement, and re-connection;
  • Multiple part representations for multi-attribute workflows and different simulation configurations, in the same 3DEXPERIENCE data model;
  • Composites modeling with design links to all 3 CATIA Composite definitions: Ply, Zone, and Grid.
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