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Black Panther Brought to You (in part) by 3D Printing

This post originally appeared in the Navigate the Future blog. Black Panther is…
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This post originally appeared in the Navigate the Future blog.

Black Panther is making headlines due to its enormous and record breaking haul at the box office. But several media outlets have highlighted how the movie has used 3Dprinting in innovative ways.

The movie’s costume designer, Ruth E. Carter, was recently profiled by Vulture and discussed the headpiece for Queen Ramona, the mother of Black Panther, played by Angela Bassett.

To give the hat and shoulder mantle a futuristic feel, Carter conscripted architect Julia Koerner, who is leading the way in making 3D-printed wearable art. “She is the queen of Wakanda and they are forward-thinking in technology, so her crown would have been crafted in the most forward-thinking manner,” said Carter. “The triangles are perfect, the shape of the circle is perfect, and the only way you could achieve that is by doing it on computer and have it printed in a 3D printer.”

Vanity Fair has a video with director Ryan Coogler discussing one of the movie’s most exciting scenes – a shoot-out in a casino. In the video Coogler reveals that he worked out the scene by creating a 3D replica of the set and than running through the action using action figures.

And if you are interested in 3D printing a replica of T’Challa’s spear, Make Magazine has you covered.

*Featured image courtesy of Marvel Studios

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