August 26, 2021

Advanced Capabilities for Simulations of HVAC Noise

Simulations for the assessment of HVAC noise play a key role in…
Abhilasha Anna Heinrich

Simulations for the assessment of HVAC noise play a key role in the HVAC development process. As opposed to tests which only tell how loud an HVAC is, simulation also helps to identify potential noise sources, provide visualization of these noise sources and even generate audio signals at passenger ears. Currently, our market leading best practices for setting up an HVAC simulation require expert knowledge and time. In addition, the whole HVAC unit needs to be simulated even if design changes are made far downstream. Our new release of best practices and simulation processes addresses these issues by adding advanced capabilities which reduce engineering time and simulation cost. This article presents an overview of these new methodologies.

Simplification of Geometry Preparation

Preparing a HVAC geometry is a time consuming process since the geometry is complex, determining the fluid volume is non-trivial and is prepared entirely manually by experts given the complexity involved in connecting parts.

for these simulations, where no user interaction is required beyond the template submission through a graphical user interface (GUI). With the use of this template, the saving in overall turnaround time, including engineering and computation time, is approximately 60 hours. A generalized overview of the process using the PowerINSIGHT template is shown in Figure 3.

Post processing is performed automatically and results are generated as PowerINSIGHT contents. The results can be conveniently browsed in PowerINSIGHT for each simulation and a comparison of results from different simulations can be performed with ease as shown in Figure 4. This also allows for the simulations to be submitted overnight and during weekends automatically, which eliminates the time spent in waiting for the next simulation to be submitted manually.

 page in our SIMULIA Community to start exploring.

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