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Science in the Age of Experience: Additive Manufacturing Symposium Recap

The annual Additive Manufacturing Symposium, held in conjunction with the 2018 Science…
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The annual Additive Manufacturing Symposium, held in conjunction with the 2018 Science in the Age of Experience conference, was a busy and informative event with over 170 attendees. A variety of topics was covered by the keynote speakers, from workforce development (presented by Allison Grealis from Women in Manufacturing) to cutting edge topology optimization research by world-renowned Ole Sigmund. Sjoerd Van-der-Veen presented the workflow for design of AM parts used by Airbus, and a visual spectacle of additive manufacturing design projects was shown by Steven Ma of Xuberance. Please refer to the following articles for more in depth coverage of the keynote presentations:

The symposium was divided into four tracks, to accommodate the large number of quality speakers. The design track covered developments and use cases for structural optimization and generative design, with a comprehensive look at additive challenges and solutions given by Sean McCluskey from Joby Aviation:

The manufacturing track covered many examples of using validated process simulations for a range of additive manufacturing processes from HP’s Multi Jet Fusion (MJFTM) process to predicting phase transformations for metal AM processes. Materials development challenges and AM informatics was presented in the materials track, and many thought-provoking applications of additive manufacturing in biotech were showcased in the life sciences track.

The symposium was closed out with a panel discussion with industry experts including hardware vendors such as Rize and Renishaw, and additive experts in aerospace, life sciences, and academia.

Overall, the Additive Manufacturing Symposium served as a forum to exchange information and ideas in this exciting industry with many challenges and technologies that are changing at a rapid pace. Dassault Systèmes is pleased to have facilitated this forum, bringing together the additive ecosystem and connecting it with the digital thread that is provided by our technology.

Enjoy the summer and be on the lookout for the conference and symposium proceedings as well as an eSeminar in September!

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