March 25, 2021

Inspiring Manufacturing Transformation in the Digital Era – Part 6/6

This is the conclusion of our 6-part blog series based on the…
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This is the conclusion of our 6-part blog series based on the Frost & Sullivan white paper, “Inspiring Manufacturing Transformation in the Digital Era.”

Customer Benefits and Outcomes

Customer Use Case #1 – Enterprise solution to build the virtual twin of a plant, production, and product through a 3D model to optimize the overall project from building design to the follow-up of operations and to continuously improve plant performance

A leading aerospace manufacturer partnered with Dassault Systèmes in the process of building a new greenfield digital factory incorporating Industry 4.0 concepts and its vision of its factory of the future.


  • Decreased time and cost for plant construction and for production ramp up
  • Assessed impact of building design changes
  • Validated process plans, detected trouble spots/bottlenecks, and selected best industrialization scenarios
  • Validated volume ramp-up scenarios and demand feasibility
  • Adjusted sizing of industrial assets, including the number of tools, robots, and work schedules
  • Improved production throughput and efficiency
  • Reduced WIP and lead time; Right First Time improvement
  • Increased productivity and site agility to meet demand variations
  • Improved collaboration and productivity for Lean initiatives

Customer Use Case #2 – Enterprise solution to execute global manufacturing simulation with new process design, virtual factory layout and simulation

One of Dassault Systèmes’ unique capabilities is using process information along with the product and resource information to conduct factory layout, line simulation, and virtual commissioning. The Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform brings together process, product and resources. These components all come together in the virtual build model of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for a virtual factory in the context of each variation. This enables the ability to execute the virtual confirmation of the manufacturing requirements with feedback, as appropriate, to the respective responsible associates in those functional areas.


  • Switched from strictly physical verifications to primarily digital verification; reflecting the actual manufacturing plant condition into the production simulation improved planning and enabled quick and accurate responses to changing conditions
  • Gained significant agility with what-if scenarios that can now be run for production changes, laying the groundwork for future work area planning and speeding time to market
  • Improved speed to market by reducing the process time to less than an hour, which previously took days to model and validate

Customer Use Case #3 – Enterprise solution to execute global industrial operations: maps to integrate operations across all factories worldwide through the digitalization of all plants

Dassault Systèmes delivered an operations synchronization platform across the company’s global plant operations. While the company offers many services, one of its unique offerings is a comprehensive enterprise solution that is capable of orchestrating all operational activities for continuous improvement and efficient decision-making, which a leading consumer goods producer implemented.


  • Right First Time metric over 90%
  • Full global traceability across the enterprise that is 10 times faster
  • Accelerated product launch across all plants
  • Life cycle service agreements for continuous improvements
  • Equipment data management
  • Visually provide the as-built condition

Read more details about these Customer Use Cases by downloading the entire Frost & Sullivan white paper.

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Download the Frost & Sullivan white paper

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