February 17, 2020

Optimized additive blending in industrial minerals

      Many industrial minerals companies face challenges in maintaining product…
Avatar Juliana Drumond

Many industrial minerals companies face challenges in maintaining product quality when their product needs to be blended with third-party additives to achieve a predictable and consistent result.

The calculations required to blend the chemical characteristics and mining parameters necessary to extract material from the mine with keeping the cost of third-party raw materials to a minimum, and at the same time maintaining a consistent, quality product are usually a struggle.

Frequently those calculations are completed in a spreadsheet or by guesswork resulting in excess additive cost and an increase in product variability. Watch this video and understand how to optimize a mine tactical schedule through simulation.

Optimizing a Tactical Mine Schedule through Simulation

In this webinar, we discuss how to optimize a tactical mine schedule through simulation, specifically optimization by iteration, automation of workflows, varying inputs, and selecting the best option out of thousands of potential schedules.

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