March 11, 2019

How to use Grade Control Polygon Method in Surpac

Champions Blog Post | Mohamed Durand |  Introducing the Champions Blog series…

Champions Blog Post | Mohamed Durand | 

Introducing the Champions Blog series where we feature blogs written by GEOVIA Champions. In this blog post, Mohamed Durand presents a tutorial on using the Grade Control Polygon grade estimation in Surpac.

In an effort to minimize the cost of mining and maximize the recovery of ore, careful Grade Control is an integral and essential part of both open pit and underground mining operations. The grade control module provides you with tools to automate and simplify the more mundane aspects of production control tasks. This article provides solutions for polygon grade estimation for open pit.

This is done using the following methodology:

Step 1: From Database select Extract –> Sample Data

This function allows you to extract sample coordinate data from interval or point attribute tables and create a string file which contains the sample position (Y, X, Z coordinates) and values. The inputs and results of this function will vary depending upon whether the table being processed is a time dependent table or not.

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