December 16, 2020

How to set up a new PCSLC project in GEMS

  PCSLC has been upgraded to include improved functionality and an easier…
Avatar Thirusha Pillay

PCSLC has been upgraded to include improved functionality and an easier workflow for better planning and scheduling of Sub Level Cave mines.

Today’s article outlines the keys steps required in setting up a new PCSLC project in GEMS v6.8.3 onwards.

This is a summarised set of notes to provide guidance around key inputs and general setup for a PCSLC project. It should not be used as a substitute for proper user training.

The following sections are covered.

  • PCSLC project setup
  • Basic block model requirements
  • Creating a Ring Model
  • Sequencing and Scheduling

Summary of PCSLC workflow:

STEP 1: Setting up a PCSLC Project

  1. Create PCSLC Caving Workspaces  (Workspaces->Create or Modify Workspace)
  2. Create a SETUP Advanced Profile (PCSLC-> SLC Tools->Profile Setup->Advanced Profiles-> SETUP)
  3. Create a Grade elements list profile (PCSLC->SLC Tools->Profile Setup->Advanced Profiles->GRADE0)
  4. Create a Economic profile (PCSLC-> SLC Tools->Profile Setup->Advanced Profiles->ECO0)
  5. Save Caving Area (Right click on Caving Area -> Save)
  6. Create PCSLC Start up items. This creates Block model attributes, Advanced Profiles & Headers for Excel files (PCSLC-> General Utilities-> Other Utilities)
  7. Create rock codes (Format->Other Profiles->Rock Codes)
  8. Create General Display Profiles (Block attributes, Tunnels, Lines etc.) (Format->…)
  9. Create Ring Display Profiles (Display Tab -> Display profile)
  10. Create Plan Views to represent the levels (View->Vertical Section)
  11. Create Vertical sections (View->Plan View)

STEP 2: Setting up the block model

  1. Check the Density attributes ( all blocks should have a density value except Air blocks)
  2. Percent attribute should be set to 100%
  3. Check the Grade attributes
  4. Create other PCSLC block attributes (bring, ext, pit, level names, ore, dilution, Footprint Finder)
  5. Calculate Net Smelter Return (NSR) block attribute (optional)
  6. Check the Rock types attribute

STEP 3: Generate Rings – Determines Ring locations using existing tunnels or using logical tunnels

  1. Setup the xlsx and update the sector input sheet.


To upgrade your software and take advantage of the new PCSLC functionality, download GEMS and later from the GEOVIA Support Forum.

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