April 30, 2021

GEOVIA Sustainable Mining Webinar Series 2021

  At GEOVIA, we are helping address the business challenges facing the…

At GEOVIA, we are helping address the business challenges facing the global mining sector, from innovation and digital transformation to the future of mining. This year, our focus is on sustainability and the forces driving the mining industry to be more transparent, innovative, and productive to meet ambitious environmental, social and economic (ESG) targets.

The industry’s growing focus on sustainability and ESG issues reflects that of investors and society: we need to efficiently extract the metals we need with less disruption to the environment and in tune with society’s expectations. According to KPMG’s Global Outlook 2020 Risks and Opportunities for Mining report, three-quarters of the companies they surveyed said the industry needs to redefine success using a more holistic group of measures that include shareholder and stakeholder values.

Digital innovation is at the center of this push. New technology solutions are helping mining companies –  and the supply chains they are part of – find new orebodies, develop methods to mine them efficiently, reduce carbon emissions and other environmental impacts, and to deliver on promises to communities, society, investors, and shareholders.

We have curated a series of webinars to address these key mining topics with GEOVIA thought leaders and industry guests. Registration is free, and more details will be made available on our social media channels soon.



Accelerating Sustainability in Mining with New Energy Solutions

Date: July 29, 2 pm AEST

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Shaping the Sustainable Mine of the Future (in Portuguese)

Date: September 16, 9 am BRT


Virtual Twins

Date: November 18, 9 am CET

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