October 8, 2018


In every community, there are people who go above and beyond to…
Avatar Pierre Leroux

In every community, there are people who go above and beyond to engage and inspire others through their passion and expertise. They are Champions. In GEOVIA, we’ve seen you, a Champion, make a difference in the GEOVIA community and you do not go unnoticed. From sharing your perspectives on trending topics on stage to participating in user discussions to sharing your knowledge through blogs, we see and appreciate it all.

This is why we created the Champions Program. A place for achievement, a place to be recognized, and a place to be the best you can be. A place where you belong.

WHAT IS THE CHAMPIONS PROGRAM? The Champions Program is designed to help you shine and thrive in the workplace. Through the opportunities presented, you can now more easily share your expertise, knowledge, and passion. With the various facets available to you, you can extend your reach and influence, all while increasing your network with like-minded individuals.

Through this Program, we hope that you can be a source of inspiration to the GEOVIA community to achieve more together.

HOW CAN YOU CONTRIBUTE? There are four main categories with multiple opportunities available to you under each one. These are:

  1. Show Your Expertise
  2. Share Your Knowledge
  3. Display Your Love for GEOVIA
  4. Demonstrate Your Creativity

Find out what appeals to you most .

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? Here are some of the ways we’d like to give back:

Recognition: Enhance your professional reputation by showcasing your Champion status through an e-badge and Champions certificate which can be displayed on your professional LinkedIn profile. As well, receive a Champions welcome gift bag with exclusive gear to wear, use, and display.

Exclusive Access and Expertise: Get insider tips through exclusive GEOVIA posts and the chance to participate in brainstorming sessions with the GEOVIA product expert team to improve solutions for you.

Networking Opportunities: Expand your exposure through speaking opportunities at GEOVIA events and share your expertise by connecting with like-minded individuals on exclusive expert community groups.

Discover more about the GEOVIA Champions Program here.

HOW CAN YOU BE CHAMPION? Interested in being a source of inspiration to our users in the GEOVIA community? Just fill out the registration form to begin your journey as a Champion.

Start now and see what else you can achieve.

“Together, let’s make GEOVIA an innovative platform for our users” – Raoul Jacquand, GEOVIA CEO

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact Pierre LEROUX at pierre.leroux@3ds.com or Gabriella WARDOJO at gabriella.wardojo.intern@3ds.com.

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