Virtual ExperienceSeptember 3, 2021

Electrification of Mining – Electrification and the Industry Trifecta: environment, health, economic

There is an ecosystem of innovation, combined with the system for scaling…
Avatar Michelle ASH

There is an ecosystem of innovation, combined with the system for scaling of electrification technologies, emerging to in the mining industry that is providing economic, health and environmental value. This Industry Trifecta is good news, because the climate clock is ticking, the value is clear, and there is much work to be done.

Electrification creates enormous opportunities for operational cost savings, innovative mine designs and resilience against uncertainty. It will reduce human exposure to carcinogenic diesel particulates and reduce scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions by almost 100 percent (shipping may yet prove elusive but not impossible), and start showing the way for methods to reduces Scope 3 (the holy grail) for delivering carbon neutral metals to consumers).

The value increases productivity and profitability in existing assets, while improving a company’s ability to unlock deeper and more remote ore bodies. Clean energy electrification facilitates precision automation and the digitization of mine operations, while improving environmental and health outcomes.

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