March 8, 2021

Discover the recent updates in Surpac

We are delighted to announce that Refresh 1 for GEOVIA Surpac 2021…

We are delighted to announce that Refresh 1 for GEOVIA Surpac 2021 has been released.

Surpac 2021 Refresh 1

Highlights of Surpac 2021 Refresh 1 include:


  • BM reporting is now grouped by surface supports intersecting and overhanging surfaces.
  • Improved BM performance when reporting by block.


  • Progress (%) made by each project in the background has been added on the `Run multiple stope shape optimization projects` form when you use the ‘Stope Optimizer Multiple’ function.


  • Users now have the ability to validate surfaces from GEMS or other packages that are vertical or overhanging. They are also able to store the validation status in the file metadata.
  • You can now reduce the density of a point cloud file before exporting it as a new file with the ‘Cloud Edit’ function.
  • A naming convention of SDM metadata attributes has been applied to make them MineSched compatible. The material attribute is selected from the SDM file.
  • User specified fields were added to create unique names for each trisolation.


  • 3D Enterprise collaboration now supports Russian and other languages.
  • Improved user experience with the reduction of time to check-in and check-out data.

Visibility on the file lifecycle to make informed decision based on up-to-date data

A full list of work completed in Surpac 2021 Refresh 1 is available in the document.

Solutions Availability

Surpac 2021 Refresh 1 is available to upgrade at no cost to GEOVIA maintained customers covered under the Dassault Systèmes Support & Maintenance agreement. The latest version of GEOVIA solutions can be downloaded from 3DS Support.

Contact your local Dassault Systèmes office to arrange a trial or email should you have any further questions.

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