June 28, 2021

Discover the recent updates in Surpac 2021 Refresh 2

We are delighted to announce that Refresh 2 for GEOVIA Surpac 2021…
Avatar Juliana Drumond

We are delighted to announce that Refresh 2 for GEOVIA Surpac 2021 has been released.

Highlights of Surpac 2021 Refresh 2 include:


Key benefits of this update in the GEOVIA Block Modeler role include:

  • Support for large block model or block model with smaller block sizes when exporting to Whittle
  • Remove the need for reblocking the block model before exporting to Whittle
  • Complete SDM functionalities across GEOVIA Surpac
  • Previous restrictions removed to improve flexibility in merging block models.

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  • Support for exporting block model

Users can now export block models having more than 999 parcels in a block from Surpac to Whittle when the BM Output Whittle function is used.

  • Support for block model estimation commands in SDM files with string input

Now, the following block model estimation commands are available to support SDM files with the following string input formats:

  • Merging block models with different extents

Block models with different extents are now allowed to merge.


Key benefits of this update in the GEOVIA Mine Contributor role include:

  • Complete SDM functionalities across GEOVIA Surpac
  • Improved user experience when dealing with multiple files between GEOVIA Surpac and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

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  • Support for SDM files

Users can now use import and export .sdm files when using the String Maths function. You can save the output as an SDM file when you:

  • specify the output file name with a .sdm extension
  • select the Set .sdm as default file extension check box on the Customize > Plugin Preferences > GEOVIA-SDM tab in the Plugin Defaults form.
  • Display SDM objects using metadata filter

Users can now use a new graphics-based function Draw SDM to filter and display segments or trisolations based on the values of the metadata stored against segments or trisolations in the Display SDM using metadata form.

  • Draw SDM function constraint

Draw SDM function constraint file extension is scon.

  • New menu “Hide SDM metadata” added under Display menu

“Hide SDM metadata” will erase all the metadata displayed in graphics at segment level and trisolation level.

  • Support for adding multiple files under one document in a single command

Now, when you log in to the 3DEXPERIENCE server through Surpac, you can upload multiple files in the ENOVIA Collaboration Space under the existing document or create a new document with subsequent file addition.

  • New Revision Tree Panel in Surpac

Our users are now able to view, download and display, all the revisions and versions of any file present in the active Enterprise Collaboration Bookmark Folder via a new pane added, called Revision Tree.

A full list of work completed in Surpac 2021 Refresh 2 is available in the document.

Solution Availability

Surpac 2021 Refresh 2 is available to upgrade at no cost to GEOVIA maintained customers covered under the Dassault Systèmes Support & Maintenance agreement. The latest version of GEOVIA solutions can be downloaded from 3DS Support.

Contact your local Dassault Systèmes office to arrange a trial or email GEOVIA.Support@3ds.com should you have any further questions.

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