April 8, 2019

Converting historical 2D plans into Surpac 3DM solids

  In many projects, mining technical teams need to interpret 2D plan…
Avatar Kim Ferguson-Thomas

In many projects, mining technical teams need to interpret 2D plan data to create useable 3D solids that accurately represent the interpretation of the old workings. These 3D solids are required for resource model depletion, mining design and safety management purposes.

This example describes the process for extrapolating drive pick-up strings in the absence of enough drive survey, to enable a triangulation that accurately depicts the drive profile.

The interpreted strings here represent the floor perimeter strings and have been set to the correct Elevation, and are used to make a valid 3D solid. A similar process could be used if only a shoulder or rib strings (at set height above floor of say 1.5m) were available.

Note that the method will not give as accurate a volume as having a completed suite of floor, rib, shoulder and back strings to be triangulated, but the purposes of depleting the block model may be of sufficient accuracy.

1. Open up the string file in Surpac.

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