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Collaborative file sharing with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

  At most mines the organization of files is achieved by a…
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At most mines the organization of files is achieved by a file system containing many thousands of folders stored on a network drive. This provides minimal capabilities with regards to security, collaboration or auditing of the various sources of information required of effective operations.

Typical issues and concerns regarding this system of file management are:

  • Files being inadvertently altered by other users
  • Older versions of files being used accidently when revised data is required in a process
  • Locating files in a timely and efficient manner
  • General lack of a mechanism to secure the data and control information within Surpac.

Conventions for file locations and names are often used throughout the various day to day processes. However, this is reliant on workers adhering to recommendations and cannot be enforced effectively, leading to non-standardized structures on the file system.

The 3DExperience platform provides two main avenues for file sharing and collaboration between users: 3DDrive and 3DSpace. These systems can be used to create a secure and seamless collaborative environment.


3DDrive lets you securely store, access and share files online from any device and any computer.

3DDrive provides the following key capabilities:

  • Combine your external cloud storage for use with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.
  • Organize and find your files.
  • Share and collaborate with customers, contractors and co-workers.
  • Synchronize content with your computer and work offline.

3DSpace (Collaborative Spaces)

Collaborative spaces provide an area where people with different job functions can work together to produce and deliver content. Users can create as many collaborative spaces as needed for their business purposes, and can be added as a member to any number of collaborative spaces regardless of your organization membership.

Access to content in collaborative spaces can be public, protected, or private. Accessing content means the ability to search for, explore, view, and open the content.

Appearing similar to the file system already familiar to most users, content is organized into Bookmark Workspaces and sub folders within them. However, unlike this familiar file system, in 3DSpace these folders contain Documents which act as a container for files – either single or related groups. Previous versions of documents and related content can be maintained and available to either rollback or copy. These capabilities are integrated within the system and can be managed easily via web apps like “Collaboration and approvals”, widgets such as “Bookmark Editor”, or  SurpacTM can be used directly to Check-in, Check-out, update, download or create Documents and content using the Enterprise Collaboration menu tools and POWER’BY functionality.

Through the use of 3DSpaces members can collaborate and share information while working on their tasks, data can be kept secure using access rights provided to either individual users or user groups.

Working with data stored in 3DSpaces will help team members achieve their stated goal of improving upon the governance of their data, workflows and collaborative processes. It will enable a seamless review and approval process of their work, improving auditability and transparency between members whether located at the mine site or elsewhere.

By using the POWER’BY Collaborative File Sharing Features, mines can:

  • Avoid files being inadvertently altered by other users
  • Ensure latest versions of files are available.
  • Locate files easily and efficiently
  • Secure and control information within Surpac.

To learn more about Collaborative File Sharing please contact your local GEOVIA representative.

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