September 1, 2021

Ask Me Anything about Surpac – September 14

Make the most of your GEOVIA software What was the last issue…

Make the most of your GEOVIA software

What was the last issue in Surpac you couldn’t find a simple solution for?

Do you struggle to manage folder structures in Surpac?

Are you performing the same functions repetitively?

Do you have processes that could be streamlined improved or even automated? 

A GEOVIA Surpac expert will answer your questions, providing tips for you to save time, get better results and save money with your software.

A live tips & tricks session about Surpac

“Ask Me Anything” is a live event combining both prepared and live questions from you, GEOVIA users.

For this first session a Surpac expert will answer your questions, helping you maximize the use of your software.

  • Make sure your questions are on the agenda: post them on the GEOVIA User Community and vote for other members’ questions
  • Then, register to the online session (link available on the GEOVIA User community).

Please, note that questions related to product improvements or bugs won’t be tackled in that session. We invite you to raise a support ticket.

How to join the GEOVIA User community:

  1. Click on the button to join: a new tab will open
  2. Create your free account on the 3DEXPERIENCE if you don’t have one already
  3. You will be automatically redirected to the community where you will be able to post your question and register to the event

Should you need assistance, please contact

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