January 12, 2021

Project Schedule Changes – Approval Process

Project schedules can change as the project is being executed due to…
Avatar Ajay Prasad

Project schedules can change as the project is being executed due to factors such as increase in project scope, re-working deliverables, etc. In order to understand the impact of these factors on the project schedule, project leaders can use the OOTB capability of “Experiments.”

With project experiments, project leaders can make changes to a snapshot of the schedule to do what-if analysis and understand the impact of changes to the project schedule without affecting the live schedule that is being worked on by the project team. Once the project leader understands the impact to the schedule, then changes made to the experiment schedule can be synced into the live schedule for consumption by the project team.

The above capability has existed OOTB for several releases. However, there is a different flavor of the above capability that also exists OOTB. It involves an approval process before the changes can be synced from the project experiment into the live schedule. This helps address those users who want project schedule changes to be approved before they are added to the live schedule.

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