October 29, 2020

Looking at Relationships within the Product Explorer and Product Editor

The Product Explorer and Product Editor are useful applications when looking at…
Avatar Rick Hahn

The Product Explorer and Product Editor are useful applications when looking at the relationship(s) that surround a particular product managed on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. It should be noted here, that the Product Explorer is part of the foundational role, Collaborative Industry Innovator (CSV) and Product Editor is part of the 3D Product Architect (PAU) role. Both of these applications give the user a structured view of the various attachments and specifications that support and define the relationships between products and other data throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Much like a spider web, the relationships that surround products can be both hierarchical as well as one to many, in a complex product definition. This complexity and the varying needs of users in how they wish to see this type of information has lead us to offer a number of ways of sharing it on the platform.

Continue reading this post in the ENOVIA User Community HERE.  You will have access to a video demo that touches on the key methods, both persistent and non-persistent, to share this type of information. It should also be noted, that accessing these relationships extends beyond the two applications highlighted here, but the information will be shared in a similar manner.


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