March 23, 2021

Link Directly to Object in 3DDashboard

Often there is a need to provide a link directly to an…
Avatar Mathew Card

Often there is a need to provide a link directly to an object within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This was commonly done in 3DSpace applications – to provide links via email notifications or for various other use cases where a link external to the platform was required. The link was fairly straightforward with a known URL and then passing the PHYSICALID of an object as a parameter.

The 3DDashboard presents more of a challenge because each object must now be opened in the context of a widget designed to handle that object type. A mechanism to support this has been been developed for some widgets, but it now requires more information than just the PHYSICALID. It consists of an app id and an encoded string containing additional parameters.

Visit the ENOVIA User Community to learn more and see and example HERE.

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