November 18, 2020

Generating Issues and Change Actions from Interferences (in Dashboard)

The web “Interference Check” app, available in the role, Digital Mockup Review…
Avatar Naim Dalal

The web “Interference Check” app, available in the role, Digital Mockup Review Manager (RED), enables design reviewers (*) to visualize, analyze and collaborate around design issues early in the development process. Users can visually check and assess product clashes, contacts or clearances, share status with other collaborators and raise formal issues or change processes to resolve these interferences.

 (*) Procurement, design, manufacturing, shop floor and maintenance users

The app provides various tools to review, analyze and generate an “Issue” and “Change Action” directly from the “Interference Simulation” and/or from the “Interference metric(s)” that were generated from the 3DEXPERIENCE native client, using the “Interference Check” app.

Want to learn how to generate issues on interference simulation or metrics?

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