September 8, 2020

Alternate Items in Product Release Engineer

From R2020x FD02 onward, you can use engineering items in the database…
Avatar Michiko MOSBE

From R2020x FD02 onward, you can use engineering items in the database as alternates to replace engineering items in our engineering definition from the web in the 3DDashboard.  This is done using the Engineering Release widget that is included in the Product Release Engineer (XEN) role.  Engineering Items are assemblies and parts that you build in an authoring tool and can open in Engineering Release.  It can also be objects that you associate with parts and assemblies.

An Alternate Item is an engineering item that is used as a suitable replacement for another engineering item in one or more assemblies.  The primary item is the engineering item that the alternate replaces.  These alternates can be qualified for use and obsoleted when no longer used.

Watch the demo in ENOVIA User Community HERE. Discover the different usages for adding an alternate item, how to carry them over and how to qualify them.

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