October 14, 2020

3DDashboard Management – Sharing Strategies

In the 3DDashboard, we often have a need to share a Dashboard…
Avatar Mathew Card

In the 3DDashboard, we often have a need to share a Dashboard that we have created. Several ways of sharing a Dashboard exist, but there is often confusion when deciding the best approach. Below are some tips to help you decide which sharing method is the most appropriate in your situation.

Share a Copy: You’d like to share your Dashboard with one or more users, but keep any changes that you or your target users make separate. Everyone maintains their own personal copy of the Dashboard at the point in time it is shared.

Share the Source: You’d like to share your Dashboard with one or more users but everyone is viewing and collaborating in your original version. You can control if users have read only access, can change preferences, or have full edit capability (add, remove, modify). Everyone shares access to the same copy of the Dashboard.

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