ManufacturingMarch 2, 2021

The Virtual Twin and the Greener Side of Manufacturing

How can the Virtual Twin help make manufacturing more environmentally friendly? It…
Prashanth Mysore

How can the Virtual Twin help make manufacturing more environmentally friendly? It starts with sustainability. Sustainability, in a business context, refers to more than just environmental conservation. Most businesses today realize that sustainable operations are also the key to maximizing business returns—through lean processes and efficient use of resources. This is what makes manufacturing operations more sustainable.

Being more sustainable means being efficient and to do that, companies need to be well prepared for all forms of unexpected disruptions. Manufacturers can realize this possibility by leveraging Virtual Twin technology, which empowers planning, decision-making and execution through digital simulations created from real-world data.

Lower Waste, Higher Returns

By using Virtual Twin technology, manufacturers can evaluate risks earlier to ensure better yield, reduce waste and trim costs. This is where 3D modelling plays an important role. 3D modelling is critical to in achieve optimization. Modelling, manpower, machineries, materials, methodology and measurement can all be validated virtually, and therefore optimized, from the beginning of the process. At a time of economic turbulence, digital replicas can support companies to become more cost-efficient and resilient when it matters most.

But, how does that make it greener? Sustainability and greener manufacturing can be achievable through Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, which enables customers to leverage a Virtual Twin Experience. Through the creation of an executable digital copy, it reduces the need for expensive and labor-intensive special assembly lines to test innovation.

Powered by real-world data, the executable digital model serves as a testing ground that perfectly simulates everything from product design to manufacturing processes, worker interactions, resource management—all the way down to distribution and logistics. The high visibility and live data from ongoing operations empowers companies to be efficient in both their long-term operational strategies and their response to unexpected disruptions.

The broad applications of the Virtual Twin provide limitless capabilities that keep operations running smoothly and optimally while minimizing waste. With sustainability now being a near-universal goal, Virtual Twin technology may eventually become an industry norm among forward-thinking manufacturers.

Resilience through Sustainability

What Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE truly offers is business resilience through sustainability. Having the flexibility and agility to be prepared for future disruption gives companies much-needed business continuity.

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