February 24, 2023

Synchronizing Automotive Manufacturing and Inventory Processes

DELMIA bridges the gap between Warehouse and Production with an integrated solution that gives rise to real-time material synchronization. This equips companies with capabilities to ensure operational agility and efficiency.
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Leverage an integrated solution to increase operational agility and efficiency to remain competitive and cost-efficient in this competitive landscape.

automotive inventory synchronization

A warehouse, particularly in a manufacturing facility, has a lot of moving parts. Manufacturers across the industry struggle with poor material handling. This not only impacts production flow, inventory levels, and productivity but also employee’s safety. Understanding material handling systems and implementing best practices can significantly improve warehouse operations.

DELMIA bridges the gap between Warehouse and Production with an integrated solution that gives rise to real-time material synchronization. This equips companies with the following capabilities:

  • Eliminates inventory buffers and obsolescence
  • Accurate inventory replenishment
  • Facilitates the implementation of Lean as it reduces waste, cycle time, and increases agility of the supply chain
  • Minimizes shipping and receiving errors
  • Increased visibility which increases responsiveness to inventory related issues
  • Better traceability and quality assurance (minimize product recalls and hefty fines)

DELMIA supports internal logistic flows such as cross-docking receiving, line supply, warehousing and shipping operations in alignment with production activities. It enables production managers to get full visibility of products from raw materials to finished goods.

Delivering components Just-In-Time removes the constraints of traditional line replenishment systems by greatly expanding the scope of how line supply processes can be executed. It significantly reduces waste and lead time while improving delivery performance. By synchronizing material flows with production processes in real-time, manufacturers can eliminate paperwork, improve productivity and reduce errors for a lower total cost of operations.

Unlocking Compelling Business Values with DELMIA  

With material synchronization in place, automotive manufacturers can deliver the right materials to the right place at the right time, all while recording traceability of goods and genealogy on components.

This drives agility and efficiency throughout the value chain—allowing Transportation & Mobility companies to achieve operational excellence, improve quality & compliance, facilitate sustainable innovation, and cater to customization demands without long lead times. This bring the following benefits to manufacturers:

  • Reduces idle inventory, labor and equipment-related costs
  • Cuts lead time to improve customer satisfaction
  • Provides full visibility and traceability from raw materials to finished goods-reducing inventory levels, expedited freight, and material handling costs

The DELMIA Vision with Material Synchronization

Recognizing the need for a solution that would deliver a more agile, resilient and future-ready value chain, the following manufacturers across various industries leveraged DELMIA and unlocked these benefits:

  • A Life Sciences manufacturer reduced idle inventory by 25% – 35% in 16 plants
  • A Medical Device manufacturer reduced Days in Inventory (DII) by 34% while increasing customer service delivery rate to over 98.5%
  • An Industry Equipment manufacturer achieved $3 million annual inventory cost savings thanks to better visibility into Work in Process (WIP)

For the Transportation & Mobility industry, DELMIA has also enabled customers to transform their entire value chain.

  • A major farm equipment manufacturer convert from a push to a pull-based inventory management strategy, reducing WIP inventory by 35% and material handling costs by 25%
  • Read how Autoliv deployed DELMIA with an ERP rollout to connect and optimize operational and commercial business processes all in one integrated system
  • Watch how Alstom Transport gained full visibility, synchronization and control over shop floor processes to stay ahead of the curve and competition

Interested in learning more about how DELMIA can transform your entire value chain to maximize margins, reduce lead times and improve product quality with real-time data for planning and operational excellence?

Interested in learning more about DELMIA’s capabilities for Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)? This scalable flexible solution can help you maximize margins, reduce lead times and improve product quality, with real-time data, to ultimately achieve a new level of planning and operational excellence.

Download our whitepaper, ” Improve Material Flow In Automotive Manufacturing” to find out how DELMIA is designed to make operations the strongest link in your value chain.

Watch the video “Material Synchronization for Automotive Manufacturers with DELMIA” to visualize how DELMIA enables you to meet modern day demands while remaining cost-efficient with material synchronization.

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