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The Best of DELMIA Communities Week in Review

Top Posts for 2021, Part 1 Hello and Welcome to the Best…
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Top Posts for 2021, Part 1

Hello and Welcome to the Best of Week in Review for 2021! There is a lot more than what is shown below, so visit the communities to see the exchange of information and ideas between members and DELMIA experts this year.

Manufacturing Operations Management Community

Greater Sustainability by Leveraging Simulation Technology

Using 3D simulation, Metsä Board has reduced time to market by 85%! Read their story in Compass Magazine.

Read about it in the Community.

Watch NOW: Engineering and Manufacturing Collaboration with DELMIA & ENOVIA

Join Naim Dalal as he shows you how Engineering and Manufacturing functions can collaborate around the product definition with two key roles including ENOVIA’s Product Release Engineer and DELMIA’s Manufacturing Items Engineer. In this demo, you will learn how to:

  • Develop the engineering definition using the Product Release Engineer
  • Create and validate the manufacturing definition with Manufacturing Items Engineer
  • Review and update the engineering definition with Product Release Engineer
  • Finalize the manufacturing definition with the Manufacturing Items Engineer

Watch the video in the Community.

Fabrication Community

Virtual Twin of CAMPUSFAB

We are proud to publish a video demonstration of what has been done at CampusFab on the 3DExperience platform. CampusFab is an industry training center new generation born in 2020 at Bondoufle (France). In partnership with Dassault Systèmes, SAFRAN, TDR and many others. This video will illustrate Robotic simulations, Machining programming and AIV Flow implemented on site.

Watch the video in the Community.

Machining R2022x – New User Interface

Following the webinar about the New User Interface (recording and presentation available in the wiki), here two videos on a simple scenario to compare the old and new UI. I remind you that this new user interface is only the first step for new breakthrough features available in the future R2022xFD. I look forward to presenting them to you at the beginning of next year!

Watch the video in the Community.

NC Milling with two synchronized robots … created with NC Machining roles

To complete the @Mario Frare question (and @Patrick Stang answers), I have created a video to illustrate this capability. As we share the same platform (with robot programming), with have the same capability in NC machining apps and Robotics app about sequencing. You can define IO and and instructions in the tasks. As you can see in the video, Robot 2 waits Robot 1 for the drilling MO. Please find in the pdf the main step by step in sequencing view.

Learn more in the Community.

Collaborative Lean Operations Community

3DLean + Video Call in 3DSwym

This video demonstrates how a video/voice call in 3DSWym can be used during a 3DLean live meeting together.

Watch the video in the Community.

3DLean Customer Success @ Valmet

We are pleased to share one of recent customer success stories from Valmet, a great customer that develops and supplies automation for the paper and energy industries). After seeking a multi-site meeting and collaboration solution Valmet picked DELMIA 3DLean to integrate digital data sources into their operational meetings help digitalization of shop floor practices, deal with remote team challenges from COVID-19 and improve visibility of operations.

Read about the story in the Community.

What is SMED (single minute exchange of die)?

SMED is one of lean mfg. tool kits that has evolved out of Toyota production system (TPS). It is a technique to deliver a quick changeover in less than 10 minutes. It will take a changeover that normally will take a few hours or even more and reduce it to one that will take single minutes. Through the use of these simple quick changeover techniques companies have reduced setup times from sometimes days to less than 10 minutes, often at little or no cost to the companies involved.

Learn more in the Community.

Planning & Optimization Community

DELMIA Quintiq | Introducing the new DELMIA Quintiq Playground

The DELMIA Quintiq Playground is now live! The Playground is the new way of launching Quintiq models on demand for demos, e-learning and collaborative purposes. A brief overview of the Playground:

  • The Playground pulls Quintiq applications into the future, by using modern technology to facilitate running Quintiq from just a simple click.
  • Launch Quintiq applications on demand ( includes support for Webclient).
  • Quintiq application user experience within minutes.
  • No installation needed.
  • Managed by Docker Project containers

Learn more in the Community.

DELMIA Quintiq 2021 Refresh2 release

We are glad to announce that DELMIA Quintiq 2021 Refresh2 is now available! Some highlights include:

  • Web Client: Starting this release the Web client can be used without preliminary license. Further the most notable change is the use of new icons.
  • Dataset Store Replication: An (active) dataset store can be replicated to multiple (mirror) dataset stores for redundant disk storage of the data.
  • Large View Files: The size of Thin Client View files is significantly reduced both on disk and in memory.

Learn more about the release in the Community.

Advanced Planning & Scheduling: when are you ready to go?

The Quintiq APS suite can do great things to a company’s supply chain performance, but not all companies are ready to use an advanced planning & scheduling (APS) tool, or not on all levels. The A in the APS acronym suggests that it is an advanced tool, which is relying on basic systems and processes to be in place and working well. In this post, we will discuss four main elements of operational readiness for using an APS. These are vision, brains, data, and predictability.

Learn more in the Community.

Thank you for reading and come back for Part 2 of our “Best of 2021” series.

Happy Holidays!

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