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The Best of DELMIA Communities Week in Review

Top Posts for 2021, Part 2 Hello and Welcome to the Best…
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Top Posts for 2021, Part 2

Hello and Welcome to the Best of Week in Review for 2021! There is a lot more than what is shown below, so visit the communities to see the exchange of information and ideas between members and DELMIA experts this year.

Global Operations Community

Is Digital Twin and its Value fully understood?

Today’s era of manufacturing is spiked with words such as digitalization, disruptive, analytics, AI(1), flexibility, platform, predictive, digital continuity, order of one and many others. To address those in one or the other way, companies have no choice to achieve their transition without the Digital Twin. Of course, each company defines its Digital Twin slightly differently and there are many different definitions out there.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Learn more the Community.

The Power of Analytics can be harvested easily

Analytics is a widely used term and sometimes misunderstood. I experience many companies asking for predictive data usage, for example on machine maintenance/learning. However, once I have visited their facilities, I need to conclude that not even the first level of data usage has been established yet. To explain the different levels, I personally like the simple but precise representation by Gartner. It represents the different maturity levels well to understand the usage of data.

Learn more in the Community.

Virtual Factory & Robotics Community

Virtual Commissioning in Aerospace: DELMIA, Control Build, Virtual PLC and Virtual Robot Controller (Part 1/2)

Here is a complete demo of the DS solution for Virtual Commissioning in the Aerospace industry (robotized drilling riveting workcell). There are four steps in the demo.

Watch the videos and learn more in the Community.

Virtual Commissioning in Aerospace: DELMIA, ControlBuild, Virtual PLC and Virtual Robot Controller (Part 2/2)

As promised in my previous Post on Virtual Commissioning topic, please find attached 2 additional videos showing DELMIA, ControlBuild, and:

– Step 3: Siemens PLC SimAdvanced (VirtualPLC), connected to ControlBuild and DELMIA

– Step 4: Kuka VRC (Virtual Robot Controler) connected to DELMIA using RRS2 interface, to ensure a realistic simulation.

Watch the videos and learn more in the Community.

Creating a new translator

A lot of the requests we get for new translators are now related to smaller robot manufacturers. As a result, it can be hard for R&D to justify creation of a translator that might be used by just a few licenses. The solution here is often for the customer, partner, or DS services to develop a simplified translator tailored to an individual customer’s needs. However until now, we have lacked a simple example for how to do this. Our existing translators support a lot of features and as a result can be quite difficult to understand. They also rely on parsers written in Bison and Flex for the upload which is not easily replicated by customers for a new language.

Learn more in the Community.

Process Engineering Community

Switch to 3D Work Instructions!

Why? Some benefits include:

  • Very detailed: 3D Work Instructions brings high level definition of the relevant industrial context to be managed at each operation. This is the best way to capitalize knowledge and know-how
  • Flexible: It can be automatically updated when a change occurs on the Product definition, Process definition but also Resource definition. Much easier to maintain than a movie
  • Re-usable: You can define a central library of standard instructions by domain: Assembly, Quality Control, Safety, … This will help you saving a lot of time during manufacturing preparation phase

Learn about it in the Community.

How to reduce Manufacturing Preparation Lead Time? (1/6)

In this first post, we are going to focus our attention on the Data Management topic. We don’t pretend to cover all the scenarios and specifics but rather share what we can consider is the most efficient based on our customer’s experiences and the output of our DELMIA teams.

Learn more in the Community.

Ergonomics Community

Ergonomics at Work: Maintenance Operation

The new “Ergonomics Workplace Design” role on the platform allows to quickly check and validate the position of tooling and the posture of the operator when working on a production line. It is very powerful but, for the moment, it does not cover specific posture (for example when the operator has to get on his knee to perform a specific task). Keep in my mind that the legacy roles (with Ergonomics at Work) are complementary and will help you with such situation.

Watch the videos and learn more in the Community.

Official 6WTags used on “DELMIA Ergonomics” community

The platform makes it possible to tag content with tags called 6W tags – this stands for Where, What, When, Who, How and Why tags. Tagging content with specific tags makes it easier to search the content later.

Learn how in the Community.

If you missed part 1, you can read it here.

Thank you for reading and we’ll see you next year!

Happy Holidays!

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