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Tire Manufacturing: Supply Chain Optimization

New technologies revolutionizing transportation are creating tremendous opportunities but also unprecedented challenges…
Avatar Lucie Drescherova
Tire manufacturing.

New technologies revolutionizing transportation are creating tremendous opportunities but also unprecedented challenges for tire manufacturers. The establishment of efficient global supply chains has become critical to competitiveness. From raw material procurement to final product sales, these supply chains’ ability to minimize inventory through product life cycle controls and facilitate prompt product supply is every bit as important as product differentiation strategies.

One of the key aspects to the future success of tire manufacturers depends on how quickly and effectively they respond to changing supply chain needs and technological revolutions that are already underway and picking up speed.

Supply chain optimization is essential to achieve this and can help tire manufacturing companies deliver significant reductions in supply chain costs and improvements in service levels. To achieve this, having the right planning solution is crucial. Leveraging DELMIA’s planning solution, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, tire manufacturers can realize these benefits:

Long-term Benefits

  1. Gain an overall view of the supply chain and evaluate different scenarios, which leads to better long-term investment decisions.
  2. Provide procurement more negotiation power with suppliers of materials and services, as well as the ability to automate purchasing and production decisions based on real-time price and market data.
  3. Generate optimal production plans based on accurate forecasted demand and assign orders based on a variety of factors, including customer location and mode of transport.
  4. Identify the best product allocation and visualize the impact of major investments on demand fulfilments and margins while driving strategic decisions with minimal fuss.

Short-term Benefits

  1. Optimize inventory to boost bottom lines and ensure OTIF delivery to customers, especially to the OEMs.
  2. Plan for capacity to balance numerous conflicting constraints and maximize resource utilization and customer satisfaction, while minimizing machine setup times, inventory levels and overall costs through optimal capacity planning.
  3. Automatically create and revise detailed planning and scheduling for production facilities, which fosters synchronization among various processes.
  4. Accomplish operational excellence and higher production quality while reducing costs, leveraging Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM).

With DELMIA, manufacturers can improve business efficiencies, better adapt to local standards and help establish long-term solutions for any market.

To find out how to optimize your supply chain planning to gain a leading edge in the tire manufacturing industry, read our white paper.

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