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Make it Happen for Battery Cell Manufacturing

One of the most intriguing high tech industry segments today is battery…
Adrian Wood

One of the most intriguing high tech industry segments today is battery cell technology. It is an amazing mix of rapidly evolving supply chains, constrained resources, product innovation and global and startup companies competing for market-share.

It is also a classic example of the connection between different industries (such as automotive) where strategies range from collaboration to acquisition as OEMs attempt to plan their own roadmap to capture consumer demand and meet regulatory requirements.

Taken all together, this perfect storm of events is having a dramatic impact on manufacturers as they juggle the challenges of ramping up large scale production while coping with ever changing technology and creating sustainable operations. Given the complexity, manufacturing systems of the past do not provide an effective means to support the production requirements demanded. In fact, what is required is elements of capability from both the real and digital world through virtual twin solutions.

Join us on May 20th for a webinar event and panel discussion on the key challenges and opportunities of battery cell manufacturing. During the discussion, we will be speaking with representatives from industry (Wesley Hergert, ATS Tooling Automation Systems), research (Professor Arno Kwade, TU Braunschweig and coordinator of LiPLANET) and technology (Michael Doyle, Senior Material Scientist, Dassault Systèmes). Their individual experiences and expertise will provide insight into these compelling issues:

  • The unique manufacturing challenges faced
  • The trade-off between sustainability and scalability
  • How industry players are likely to compete or collaborate
  • What the future holds for battery cell technology and manufacturing

Virtual twin experience capabilities have been used extensively in many industries as it provides the unique ability to simulate all aspects of manufacturing. From plant and line layout to process and manufacturing engineering, manufacturers can mitigate the risk of real world consequences by experimenting with digital models of products, processes and resources. It also incorporates a closed loop process that connects internal silos of design, engineering and production while collecting data from the real world to drive continuous improvement.

Without technology such as the virtual twin experience, battery cell manufacturing can be a challenging proposition for both startups and seasoned organizations. Achieving operational excellence can provide significant benefits through:

  • Reduced costs from more efficient operations
  • Reducing time to market by eliminating internal silos
  • Continuous improvement through analysis and 3D visualization

It is clear that there is no definitive playbook for this new and rapidly involving industry, but there are plenty of questions. We hope to have a valuable discussion around some of these questions and provide some answers that you can take away and start to apply to your own journey. Whether you are directly involved in battery cell manufacturing or representing an OEM integrating batteries into your own product, we are sure you will benefit from taking part.

Register for the upcoming webinar on May 20th Make It Happen for Battery Cell Operations Excellence or contact us here for more details DELMIA.Events@3ds.com

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