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A Guide to Achieving Operational Excellence

Each Operational Excellence initiative requires the optimization of a company’s key resources.
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Each Operational Excellence initiative requires the optimization of a company’s key resources – people, processes, and technology – working in harmony to achieve your business objectives. Not only is this concept intuitive, it is actually backed up by research. Infographic that follows provides greater detail.


Leading companies are putting organizational strength behind their Operational Excellence Initiatives. Research support that the sharing of common goals, objectives, data, information and KPIs across teams is a best practice to improve operational excellence.


Market leaders are accelerating their pace toward Operational Excellence through formal manufacturing programs and training. Simply putting in place a format program and process on how to teach, standardize and continuously improve your operational processes is a great step to be in alignment with the market leader. Research indicates 73% of those interviewed have formal programs in place.


Companies are supporting people and processes with integrated systems and real-time information visibility. If you have the systems and processes in place to to deliver KPIs to all personnel, in real-time, then you are a leader, and comprise only 15% of those interviewed. If you have this capability planned for next year, then you are part of 18% of those interviewed.

Here is an Infographic with more supporting details:

How manufacturing companies are accelerating operational excellence.

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