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Lean without Limits!

There are many paths to achieving organization goals.
Avatar Adrian Wood
3D lean software for collaboration.

There are many paths to achieving organization goals. Whether goals are revenue or sustainability, a major contributing ability is operational efficiency; the ability to make continuous improvements towards Lean processes. Making the journey towards being Lean involves using one of most important resources in the world – people!

Although machines and material are components in Lean operations, the human element primarily drives improvements within organizations. Whether a manufacturing team on the shop floor or an operational team in engineering or supply chain, problem solving and innovation comes from the engagement and application of human knowledge.

Unfortunately, there are many challenges that prevent teams from being effective. Many teams are disconnected (especially in today’s crisis) and when they do meet, their time is often wasted with a lack of focus on what is important. In addition, despite a desire to make improvements, teams often lack the structure and learned behaviors to analyze problems and ensure corrective actions are assigned. Combine this with an increasingly complex environment of operational data and information and it is not surprising that organizations do not make more progress towards goals. This is why achieving lean without limits is imperative.

DELMIA 3DLean (now available on the cloud) is an essential application that will help you unlock the value from the critical human resources within your organization. Leveraging a modern, interactive environment, DELMIA 3DLean has three defining areas of benefit:

  1. ENGAGE: Despite organizational or physical barriers, it helps build better team relationships
  2. REVEAL: By visualizing 3D content and data across design, manufacturing and operations, it helps teams analyze problems and understand the art of the possible
  3. IMPROVE: It makes “Lean thinking” a part of the culture of teams by consistently guiding their discussion and actions

Empowering teams to work more autonomously in these ways has immediate impact. More than 85% of teams feel more involved, have better access to information and become more positively engaged in their work. Beyond simple time and productivity savings, these benefits lead to more operational problems analyzed and solved, increased innovation and ideation, and the ability to capitalize on improvement opportunities in every meeting, every day.

Every organization has to rely on teams to reach their goals. Unfortunately, their daily tasks are time consuming and complex already. DELMIA 3DLean represents a simple and intuitive way to put Lean principles into action for teams at every opportunity providing them truly Lean without Limits.

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