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Adopting Lean Principles

Lean was born out of simple necessities and a desire to work…
Avatar Adrian Wood
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Lean was born out of simple necessities and a desire to work in more effective ways. In today’s environment of change and disruption nothing seems simple nor efficient and yet there are still amazing opportunities to apply basic principles in our organizations to help us develop more resilient cultures and build sustainable business.

Earlier this year, I was privileged to speak with three professionals who have decades of combined experience in Lean:

  • Anurag Rai: Business Transformation Lead Director for CapTech Consulting
  • Cecile Roche: Lean & Agile Director for Thales Group
  • Anne-Lise Seltzer: Executive Director of the Lean Institute of France

What I was interested to hear from them were some of the practical benefits and challenges of implementing Lean principles in teams that they had worked in or with. They were especially interesting conversations as each of them had also leveraged Lean in non-manufacturing environments. Of course, Lean has held a prominent role in traditional shop floor improvements but I was keen to hear about whether the same benefits and value could be applied across the entire organization. Not only did they share great success stories but also had some critical analysis on the benefit Lean has had on teams during COVID.

The compilation of these discussions can be found in our whitepaper: Adopting Lean Principles, what the experts say. In this paper Anurag, Cecile and Anne-Lise have kindly shared their valuable experience and knowledge around the value of Lean in today’s environment, the challenges and pitfalls teams have encountered, the value that can be realized, and some of the lessons learned on how to get started.

If you have ever considered introducing Lean into your organizational teams or have been trying to increase adoption internally for existing programs, we hope you will find this whitepaper an excellent resource to help with your next steps. Click here to download.

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