November 17, 2022

Implementing MOM in the Transportation & Mobility Industry

With DELMIA Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), Transportation & Mobility manufacturers can contextualize collected or traced data and initiate actions in response to issues identified through IIoT and other data sources—hence, making MOM the key piece of the puzzle that enables IIoT to deliver to its fullest potential.
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With the surge in market demand for electric and autonomous vehicles, and the rising complexity in industry challenges faced by Transportation & Mobility manufacturers, companies are already aware of the importance of digital transformation.

However, starting a digital transformation journey is not just a matter of making a decision to change. Transportation & Mobility manufacturers have several critical considerations that need to be raised in order to ensure a successful and effective transformation journey.

Cloud VS On-Premise MOM Applications

The shift to having applications in a cloud environment instead of on-premise comes with major benefits:

  • Lower hardware and architecture costs
  • Reduced need for on-site technical staff
  • Reduced capital expenditures for new systems.

However, many companies have two major concerns about making the shift:

Internet latency continues to be present to a small extent, which is still manageable in near-real-time applications like ERP and PLM. However, this latency can be an obstacle to successful shop floor operations where communication between multiple types of equipment needs to be measured in micro-seconds. Until 5G communications becomes widespread, internet latency continues to be a notable hurdle.

Communication loss with host systems is common, but it can be catastrophic when it affects critical shop floor solutions such as MOM. Companies could face losses in tens of thousands of dollars for every minute of assembly line downtime—a situation that could be better prevented by running mission-critical applications on-premise.

DELMIA provides high availability on-premise applications to alleviate this risk. Some customers have gone over 10 years without any unplanned losses of their DELMIA applications.

Unlocking Collaborative Operations

Crucial to any manufacturing organization is the efficiency of their operational teams. However, traditional team interactions are not truly collaborative, resulting in missed opportunities for problem solving and follow-ups—opening the door to more operational problems.

DELMIA provides manufacturing and operational teams with a means to solve these problems through its integrated collaborative solution, 3DLean. Modern, customizable and interactive, 3DLean facilitates structured and effective teamwork for lean operations by:

  • Capturing, monitoring and tracking operational meetings
  • Improving visibility across operations for all relevant stakeholders
  • Empowering effective communication across organizational and geographic barriers
Automobile manufacturing plant workers building a truck

Leveraging Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Effectively

Innovation in IIoT has created more intelligent devices and new data and system architecture, creating opportunities for automation and data sharing that could accelerate the efficiency of industrial activities. However, IIoT implementation also brings several shortcomings, with many IIoT projects facing challenges such as:

  • Lack of connectivity in older equipment
  • Securely integrating IT and OT without data loss
  • Struggles to identify achievable KPIs
  • Skills gap from retirement of experienced workers

IIoT reaches its maximum potential when the data collected is contextualized in a business process and made actionable.

With DELMIA MOM, Transportation & Mobility manufacturers can contextualize collected or traced data and initiate actions in response to issues identified through IIoT and other data sources—hence, making MOM the key piece of the puzzle that enables IIoT to deliver to its fullest potential.

Important First Steps for Digital Transformation

While analysts envision a future where the functionality previously implemented in MOM systems would be distributed as applications across an IIoT platform, the reality is that many organizations are only just beginning their digital transformation journey. A more viable starting point for these manufacturers is to select a MOM system that can be installed with a few functions and solid data connectivity. Larger organizations could benefit more from investing in a flexible, modular and scalable MOM platform that provides strong data connectivity.

By starting small with a few modular functions integrated with IIoT, companies of any size can gradually expand their capabilities as needed and adjust their strategy to ensure a successful transition to future-proof MOM with full IIoT integration.

Learn from Your Peers

Real-life Improvements through MOM Implementation

  • Find out how Autoliv, a Fortune 500 Tier 1 supplier of airbags and safety systems to all major automotive OEMs worldwide, managed to improve quality, material flows and traceability across all of its manufacturing plants.
  • Learn how Wanxiang Green Bus, jointly founded by SAIC MOTOR and WANXIANG Group in 2015, implemented 3DEXPERIENCE to drive more efficient product delivery, enabling them to manufacture up to 5,000 electric city buses annually.
  • Hear how Alstom Transport improved visibility, synchronization and control across shop floor processes to respond to the increasingly competitive market.

Discover how DELMIA MOM and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform equips Transportation & Mobility manufacturers to realize their vision of efficient future-proof operations. Download the eBook.

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