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It’s DELMIA’s 20 Year Anniversary!

Our journey is one that is 20 years in the making—and continues!…
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Our journey is one that is 20 years in the making—and continues! As DELMIA continuously evolves, let’s pause and take a look back to where it all began.

The year 2000 marked the beginning of a new millennium. The world was abuzz with Y2K, the movie “Gladiator” reigned supreme on the big screen, cake pops were a new dessert, and what was to be known as “the decade of technology” was just beginning.

During that year another poignant event occurred: DELMIA was launched.

The Creation of a New Brand

On June 7, 2000, Dassault Systemes announced the creation of DELMIA, its new brand for e-Manufacturing. DELMIA consolidated Deneb, DELTA and SAFEWORK under a unique brand to become the premier brand for digital manufacturing and production solutions. According to the Dassault Systèmes press release,  “offering customers the most comprehensive and integrated methodologies and solutions to fully address their digital manufacturing needs.” Its aim to provide the manufacturing community with e-solutions to “create, monitor and control agile, distributed manufacturing systems geared towards build-to-order (BtO) and Lean Manufacturing and production (LM).” DELMIA, which began as the acronym, Digital Enterprise Lean Manufacturing Interactive Application, was officially launched.

An Amazing Journey Onward

DELMIA has become a plethora of milestones as the years passed. Here are just a few of the many highlights:

2005 DELMIA wins the Automation Alley “Technology Company of the Year” award.

2007 Frost & Sullivan selects Dassault Systèmes and DELMIA as the recipient of the 2007 Company of the Year Award within the North American product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions space.

2008 PLM comes to life with Version 6! DELMIA delivers a lifelike experience in manufacturing solutions to create, share, execute and optimize virtual production systems.

2010 Meet Teo & Sia! DELMIA human models become lifelike with the Dassault Systèmes Version 6 2011 release.

2011 The first external DELMIA communities on our SwYm platform (See What You Mean) are launched.

2011 Acquisition of Intercim, LLC. Dassault Systèmes acquired Intercim LLC, defining a new step for PLM by delivering digital continuity from engineering to real factory operations. Intercim became known as DELMIA Operations.

2013 Acquisition of Apriso. DELMIA Apriso is integrated with and expands Dassault Systèmes’ DELMIA application portfolio and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform’s virtual+reality capabilities closing the loop between design, engineering, manufacturing and consumer experience.

2016 Acquisition of Ortems. DELMIA Ortems complements Dassault Systèmes’ DELMIA brand applications, including DELMIA Apriso, which offer a unified experience to all users in digital manufacturing, manufacturing operations management, and supply chain planning and operations, built on a single referential data model.

2019 Integration of Quintiq. Quintiq joins the DELMIA family and our scope expands to include the entire value network, helping industries and service providers connect the virtual with the real world. With the addition of DELMIA Quintiq‘s end-to-end planning and optimization capabilities, DELMIA offers solutions for manufacturers and service providers, to collaborate, model, optimize and perform operations to re-imagine operations for achieving excellence.

Celebrating a Milestone

“Happy 20th Anniversary to the DELMIA brand team! Thank you to the customers and partners that have shared this journey with us. We look forward to another 20 years of innovation, collaboration and dedication to the success of our clients,” Guillaume Vendroux, DELMIA CEO, Dassault Systèmes

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