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Inspiring Manufacturing Transformation in the Digital Era

The Future of Manufacturing Digital continuity, collaboration, modularization, and sustainability drive the…
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The Future of Manufacturing

Digital continuity, collaboration, modularization, and sustainability drive the future of manufacturing. The transformative potential of digital continuity technologies in the manufacturing environment is broadly recognized in the competitive marketplace. Its of opportunity is extensive across the manufacturing value chain. The future is opportunistic, but traditional myopic and siloed approaches to digital often restrain the journey. A true digital factory vision realization is one wherein waste from operations is removed, downtime is predicted, asset performance is optimized, and product innovation is sustainably accelerated.

So, with this in mind, how are your manufacturing transformation initiatives coming along?

The Game Changer

Manufactures continue to be challenged with maintaining operations and tactical projects to improve efficiency. However tactical improvements only tend to keep the status quo with minimal impact strategically. Impactful game changing manufacturing transformation starts with long-term vision and clear roadmap but must still remain agile. Maintaining momentum is very critical along the journey so tactical quick results such as OEE improvements are still important to keep organizational backing but done in the context of the greater transformation.

Insights and Strategies

This new Frost & Sullivan white paper: Inspiring Manufacturing Transformation in the Digital Era guides manufacturing organizations through manufacturing transformation so that they can become agile, connected and a customer-centric enterprise of the future. It assesses the value creation in the dynamic manufacturing ecosystem as well as presents a roadmap for the factories of the future.

To help customers with implementation, an overview of the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE® platform and its ability to deliver unique value for global operations across the transformation journey is provided. There are also relevant customer use-cases that have realized business benefits upon embracing a comprehensive digital manufacturing platform offering.

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