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Cloud Solutions for Successful Modular Production

Discover how the right cloud-based platform can enable end-to-end visibility in your…
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Discover how the right cloud-based platform can enable end-to-end visibility in your modular production for agile operations and increased customer satisfaction

Modular production.

In the race to meet shifting consumer preferences, success belongs to manufacturers that can quickly reconfigure their operations to capitalize on opportunities. This can be enabled leveraging a modular production system. It is a transformative approach to modern manufacturing that allows manufacturers to gain the efficiency of large-scale central facilities with the flexibility of smaller plants.

However, modular production needs to be supported by end-to-end visibility. This requires the right cloud solution that combines cloud computing technology with a platform strategy, to provide manufacturers with full visibility. Such a solution delivers the ability to link modular processes related to products, production and supply chain in a centralized ecosystem. Furthermore, it can enable manufacturers to make better-informed decisions and drive significant modular production improvements.

The Value of Cloud Platforms in Modular Production

Manufacturers need a cloud-based platform that can unite all aspects of their modular production in a protected yet accessible environment that enables them to experience:

  • Secure information sharing by offering a safe and flexible collaborative environment that helps break data silos and make information readily available
  • A single source of truth where global internal and external project contributors can share ideas and work together in real-time, based on the same updated information.
  • Supply chain transparency to empower manufacturers to respond more effectively when problems occur, as well as build trust with socially-conscious consumers by being transparent about how they create and deliver products.

Getting the Most out of Modular Production

Choosing the right cloud-based platform is crucial for manufacturers to get the most value out of their modular production. Being able to connect complex modular processes in an integrated environment is one thing, but the platform you select should also further drive digitalization in manufacturing by incorporating powerful capabilities for even greater visibility. Two such capabilities are model-based systems engineering (MBSE) and virtual modeling and simulation. These can help simplify engineering complexities between many different stakeholders through a standard language and can strengthen your modular production system’s effectiveness.

A cloud-based platform that delivers these vital digital capabilities will enable manufacturers to make optimized decisions through end-to-end visibility of their modular production. With DELMIA, manufacturers have been able to save millions of dollars on physical prototypes, and reduced overall time to market of new products by up to 20%. This provides them with a competitive level of agility to meet ever-evolving consumer demands.

Read the full article here to learn more about more about the value of a cloud-based platform for modular production, as well as for more resources on the topic, including:

  • An eBook, “See More and Boost Manufacturing Agility on the Cloud,” in which you’ll discover the cloud-based platform strategy that helps manufacturers reconfigure faster by unlocking their modular production’s full visibility.
  • An infographic, “Why Modular Production Needs End-to-End Visibility,” that illustrates how sufficient visibility to coordinate all modular pieces and stakeholders on a single cloud-based platform results in successful modular production.
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