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Discover a World of Expertise in a DELMIA Community

Online communities are in abundance on the web. You can surely find…
Laura Marx

Online communities are in abundance on the web. You can surely find a community – or more – for all of your interests and hobbies. These exist for not only personal life, but professional as well. But that’s a good thing, right? To have a place that you go to for information that helps you be more productive, grows your knowledge, find answers to questions – and you can contribute the same.

I never considered myself to particularly enjoy social media. But it seems as though, without really realizing there was a shift happening, I was wrong. Social media platforms – including online communities – are great! Outside of work, I belong to several different communities that are diverse as cooking, beagle-owners, and travel. I think what made me change my thinking is that communities provide a direct path to access the heart of the information you need. Including the comments, input and ideas from others interested or experts in the same topics. You can dive deep into one topic and skim across another. You can lead discussions, create thought-provoking ideas or just click “like” and just absorb the information. It’s important to engage with a community. The value of online communities – like physical communities – comes from the activity of its members.

Since you are reading the DELMIA blog, you may be interested to know that DELMIA also has user communities. In fact, DELMIA has six different communities that for DELMIA customers, partners as well as academics, including those that are simply interested in DELMIA solutions. On the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, these communities provide the opportunity to focus on key topics and exchange tips and tricks, ideas, and thoughts on topics that you will find most useful. You are welcome to join as many communities as you like – how many depends on your current and future use of DELMIA.

DELMIA User Communities include: Collaborative Lean Operations, Robotics, Fabrication, Process Engineering, Manufacturing Operations Management, and Planning & Optimization.

These communities are private, which means that membership must be requested. We also have a public community, DELMIA Global Operations, which has DELMIA news and updates.

Please take the time to join our communities, jump in and engage.

All the best, Laura Marx, DELMIA Advocacy Marketing Director

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