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Digital Transformation in High-Tech Manufacturing

Discover how the Virtual Twin Experience can Accelerate Manufacturing Innovation With a…
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Discover how the Virtual Twin Experience can Accelerate Manufacturing Innovation

High tech manufacturing.

With a rising number of industries worldwide undergoing digital transformation to adopt new and sophisticated systems, the High-Tech industry becomes a key driver of progress in our society. However, it can be a major challenge for High-Tech manufacturers to maintain the throughput required to meet the growing demand for components, devices and machines while keeping operations within budget.

Constrained assembly lines and resources make it a challenge to keep up with the rapid innovation of new technology with high functional integration and the explosion in product variants demanded by the market. At the same time, High-Tech manufacturers need to keep up with the greater regulatory and certification pressure to create safer products while coping with volatile availability of raw materials.

To cope with the rising market demand for increasingly complex products, innovation means High-Tech manufacturers need to plan and optimize their operations so that they can produce more for less while avoiding both common and unprecedented pitfalls in the industry.

The Solution is Digital

Leveraging Virtual Twin technology as the core of its solutions, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables High-Tech manufacturers to maximize their efficiency in designing new products, then planning and executing operations based on accurate digital simulation. This level of optimization resulting from the closed-loop flow of information between the perfect virtual simulation and real-world data is what we call the Virtual Twin Experience.

The Virtual Twin Experience enables High-Tech manufacturers to assess new products and address potential changes in production. Manufacturers will also be able to synchronize their planning and execution in order to drive continuous improvement, and then re-assess their manufacturing strategies and capacity to mitigate shortcomings.

The broad capabilities of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform helps High-Tech manufacturers optimize in all areas of operation as well as in different stages of production across time horizons.

Optimization at Every Stage

At the facility planning stage, the Virtual Twin Experience helps High-Tech manufacturers to virtually design their ideal facility layout, minimizing the potential for design-induced risks to health, personal or environmental performance. Planning facilities virtually also avoids costly layout redesigns that would otherwise be done physically.

When it comes to process planning, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform helps manufacturers bridge the gap between design and execution, making it easy for manufacturers to plan optimal production processes based on the initial product design and bill of materials, which can be tested virtually prior to real-world implementation.

The possibilities are endless with 3DEXPERIENCE at the manufacturing planning level. The platform offers a wide variety of solutions that apply forecasted data to the Virtual Twin Experience to simulate and optimize plans for everything from sales and operations to logistics and the workforce.

In manufacturing execution, High-Tech manufacturers can leverage the Virtual Twin Experience to monitor real-time data and optimize everything from materials management to scheduling predictive maintenance with as little downtime as possible.

Maximize Efficiency and Competitiveness

High-Tech manufacturers have an opportunity to optimize operations and maximize returns by leveraging the endless possibilities of the Virtual Twin Experience, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Through enhancing processes and the cohesion between design, engineering and manufacturing, High-Tech manufacturers can achieve:

  • An increase in efficiency and operation rates
  • Cost savings from elimination of physical prototypes
  • Increased speed of NPI and time to market

Learn all about the Virtual Twin Experience and the tremendous benefits 3DEXPERIENCE brings to your High-Tech manufacturing operations by downloading our ebook.

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